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SCAYLE Storefront API is a REST API used to access your product data in any customer-facing application. Some common scenarios include retrieving campaigns, promotions, categories or configuration. You can also use it to save baskets or wishlists for individual customers and filter and search products.

For more details, see the Developer Guide.

Core Concepts

Core concepts of the Storefront API are:

  • Variant: Any distinct sellable item, for example: a blue colored shirt in size L. Available quantity/stock information is always on variant level.
  • Product: A product is a collection of one or more variants with some shared attributes, for example: A blue colored shirt (product) available in different sizes (variants). A product will be sold out when all its variants are sold out.
  • Sibling: A product closely related to another product, for example, the same shirt by the same brand, but in another color.
  • Category: Each product can be assigned to one or more category nodes in the category tree.
  • Attribute: Attributes are, for example, size, material, color. Attributes can be assigned to product level or variant level.
  • Filter: Any criteria available to filter a list of products, for example: an attribute or a category.
  • Basket: The basket holds variants that a customer intends to buy and has added to his shopping cart.
  • Wishlist: Customers can add products to a wishlist to remember them or buy them later.


Base URL: https://{{tenant-space}}


  1. Generate access token in the SCAYLE Panel > Shops > Storefront > API Keys.
  2. Provide the generated access token in the X-Access-Token Header

After the token is generated in the SCAYLE Panel, it can take some time for changes to take effect.

Download Full Reference

Using Postman or similar tools? You can download this reference as an OpenAPI YAML file and import it to start sending requests directly.

Download storefront-api-latest.yaml