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Welcome to SCAYLE's User Guide. Here you'll find all the information you need to use the SCAYLE Admin Panel for various operational and ecommerce tasks.

What is SCAYLE?

SCAYLE is an API-based e-commerce system. It serves as a central data core for online retailers to configure and manage their shops. SCAYLE is modular and enables you to connect to your existing systems or third-party software. You can create and manage multiple shops with one SCAYLE instance. All data is organized centrally, enabling you to assign separate categories, assortments, and filters to each shop.

The SCAYLE Admin Panel is the user interface to administer and manage shops and product data. This guide covers all capabilities and features of the Panel. It is structured into the following sections:




SCAYLE also includes APIs for developers to manage data and build the e-commerce storefront. For details about the APIs, see the Developer Guide and the Storefront Guide.


During onboarding and integration, SCAYLE developers implement your instance according to your specific requirements. Once everything is set up, each user gets an account, meeting the security and password standards. You and other users can then start working with the system.

You access the SCAYLE Panel online with a web browser. Currently, the SCAYLE Panel is optimized for the latest versions of Google Chrome, Edge and Firefox.

We recommend that you always access SCAYLE with a secure and stable connection.


A SCAYLE instance will have different environments:

  • Preview
  • Test
  • Live

All users get access to the test and live environments. This allows you to review and perform quality assurance before changes are applied to the live environment. The logo color changes depending on the environment you are working in. Users need a separate account for each environment.

Accessing the SCAYLE Admin Panel

Access your SCAYLE PANEL by calling https://{{tenant-space}}

If your Tenant is "acme" and the space is "live" the SCAYLE PANEL URL is:

The Switch Environment function in the upper right corner of the Panel allows you to switch between different environments without leaving the page you are viewing.


If you have questions, feedback, or cannot find what you are looking for in our guides, please reach out to us. You can provide feedback via the feedback button on the right side or contact your key account manager.