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The Admin API provides access to the backend services. It is a RESTful API and uses resource-oriented URLs. The API accepts JSON-encoded request bodies and returns JSON-encoded responses.

We provide some background information on how the API works and how to use it effectively.

Admin API core concepts

CompaniesCompanies are separate legal entities operating within their own tenant-specific instance.
Master categoryMaster categories define the tree structure of the products (assortment) such as "Ladies > Clothes > Dresses". They are not visible in the frontend.
Merchant categoryMerchant categories are existing assortment categories that need to be assigned to available master categories.
Product variantA product variant is a unique instance of a product distinguished by its size. Prices and taxes are linked to a product variant.
ProductA product is a collection of one or more variants with some shared attributes
ShopShops and assortments can be entirely customized, but can also share specific information to facilitate multi-shop management.
Shop categoriesShop Categories structure the assortment in the frontend.

Download Full Reference

Using Postman or similar tools? You can download this reference as a JSON file and import it to start sending requests directly.

Download admin-api-latest.json