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What is SCAYLE?

SCAYLE is an API-first e-commerce system. Within SCAYLE, you can manage all aspects of your shop, such as products, stocks, customers, and transactions.

The advantage that SCAYLE gives you over other solutions is the full flexibility it offers. The platform-agnostic approach is designed to seamlessly fit into your stack. Furthermore, you can leverage the power of our SDKs in a variety of popular programming languages (JavaScript, Java, PHP).

Synchronizing various online and offline touchpoints is a breeze thanks to our Omnichannel API. You can also connect to third-party systems and build your custom extensions.

Instead of building a complete system from scratch, you can save time and use the components you need. As your business grows, you can choose which components to add.

To try it out, head over to our Getting Started Guide.

You may also find it interesting to visit our comprehensive course available on the SCAYLE Academy platform.

Key SCAYLE components

Our modular approach allows you to decide which components to choose to build your shop:

  • Admin API: API to manage all of your shop data. It is the primary API to interact with customer and transaction data and import products and stocks
  • Storefront API: API to build your e-commerce storefront or mobile app. It's extremely scalable and optimized for fast responses and high load
  • Storefront: the headless storefront that provides design-agnostic business logic and integrations with the SCAYLE backend and a modern e-commerce frontend

SCAYLE Basic Architecture

SCAYLE in a nutshell

Some of the components that SCAYLE offers:

  • Shop frontend: fully customizable shop frontend to match the look and feel of your brand
  • Internationalization: shops for different locales
  • Products: fully customizable product data model
  • Promotions: create custom discounts, flash sales and campaigns
  • Search: includes search and analytics
  • Checkout: customize Checkout and add payment services such as Klarna or PayPal
  • Environments: SCAYLE provides preview, testing and live environments and data replication feature for the ease of transfer
  • SDKs: official libraries for different programming languages for Admin API and Storefront API
  • Customer Account API: handle user's personal information, passwords, order history
  • Integration with social media platforms, analytics, and chatbots via Add-On API.
  • Omnichannel API: synchronize on- and offline sales.